Time’s Echo by Rysa Walker (Chronos Files #1.5)

Time's Echo by Rysa WalkerSummary: A short novella (about 100 pages) from an alternate perspective to keep interest in the series until the next book comes out later this fall.

I really do feel for authors.  It used to be that authors could write a book a year, or maybe even a book every couple years.  But these days that does not seem to be enough for many.  Publishers and fans seem to want authors to put out a couple books a year or at least have the first couple books ready to published is quick succession.

Timebound was a KindleFirst book in December, but was officially published in January 2014.  Then Time’s Echo is a novella that was published at the end of April.  And Time’s Edge is the second full length book scheduled to be released Oct 21, 2014.  So two full novels and a novella published in the span of just 10 months.

The Chronos Files is a young adult time traveling series.  Kate is a high school student at the beginning of the series and she finds out that her long lost grandmother is actually a time traveler from the future.  And Kate has to learn how to use the time traveling medallion to stop her grandfather and aunt from changing history and maybe making her family cease to exist.

Time’s Echo tells part of this story from a different character’s perspective.  Kiernan grew up on the Cyrist’s farm (the bad guys).  But after he met Kate he is secretly working to help stop Saul (Kate’s grandfather and the man who had his own father killed.)

Because time travel means that you can meet yourself a different points and change history so that one point ceases to exist for anyone that is not holding one of the medallions, this can get a bit confusing.  Kiernan meets Kate as a young boy when she is about 17.  Then a different timeline Kate saves him from a burning building.  Then when he is about 22, he saves her when she is 16.  Then they are lovers for a while when she is 21 and he is 23, it is all somewhat confusing.

In this novella we get more of Kiernan’s backstory while at the same time learning what happened after Timebound to prepare the reader for Time’s Edge.

This book seemed a bit more disjointed than the last.  Or maybe it is just that it has been 8 months since I read the first book and it took a bit longer than I thought it should to remember what was going one.

I thought the first book was fairly clearly young adult and thematically appropriate for as young as 13-14.  There was some kissing, but nothing too heavy.  This one has lots of implied sex and nudity and ‘adult situations’ although nothing is really explicit.  As an adult, there is nothing that I thought was inappropriate for an adult, but it would make me hesitant to suggest the series as a young adult choice.

But it was a quick read, free with KindleUnlimited and basically enjoyable.  I will be interested to see where the next book is going.  Because not much happened in this book other than back story.

Time’s Echo Purchase Links: Kindle Edition, Audible.com Audiobook – this is a Kindle Unlimited Book.  Audiobook is discounted to $1.99 with purchase of Kindle Book or borrowing through Kindle Unlimited

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