The Trinity (Life Changing Series) by Burton Rager

The Trinity (Life Changing)Summary: Basic ideas of the trinity in a short pamphlet form.

One of my reading projects this year is to read about the trinity.  I am currently (very slowly) working through a book on the trinity with some friends.  And I have several more lined up when that is done.

But this book came up free last week, and it was short, so I thought I would read it.  It is part of a series, about half of which have been temporarily offered for free, but they are all currently $2.99.

In paper it would probably be about 30-40 pages.  About half of it is a basic orthodox description of the trinity, with lots of biblical quotations.

And about half of it is evangelism presentation using the ideas of the trinity.  So I wouldn’t really recommend this as a book to learn about the trinity.  It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t really all that helpful.

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