True Grit by Charles Portis (Book & Movie Review)

True Grit: A Novel by Charles PortisSummary: Good Book, 2010 movie is very true to the book.

I picked up this audiobook on sale a few months ago and just got around to listening to it.  I enjoyed the movie and thought I should go ahead and read (listen) to the book.

The story is written as an old woman recounting her desire to get revenge on her father’s killer.  She was 14 at the time.  Part of what makes the voice work is that she is not a normal 14 year old.  Even before her father’s death, she kept her father’s books and took responsibility far beyond her years.

In addition to the 14 year old, are two bounty hunters.  The young, handsome one and the old one with True Grit.  (The John Wayne character in the original film.)  He is my favorite type of anti-hero.  The one who isn’t really good, but does the right thing when it is really important.  The type of person that even though he is not good, lives by an honor code.

There was not really a surprise in this book because the 2010 movie and the books are almost exactly the same.  Both are quite a bit different from the 1969 John Wayne movie.

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