Two Announcements from Amazon – Kindle MatchBook and New Paperwhite

There were two announcements from Amazon this morning (one accidental). The first, and intended announcement is that Amazon is going to start Kindle MatchBook in October.  Similar to Amazon Music match and DVD program, Kindle Matchbook will allow you to buy a physical book and get the Kindle version for $2.99 or less.  This will start with only 10,000 titles, but Amazon is known for rapidly expanding programs like this.

And the best part of the announcement is that this is a retroactive program.  Any participating book that you purchased since 1995 when Amazon first started its bookstore will also be included.

The full Amazon press release

Next Generation Kindle Paperwhite released.Also Amazon accidentally posted the New Kindle Paperwhite on its website this morning.  According to the screen shots (reported at Lilliputing and Engaget and others), the new Kindle Paperwhite will have a 25% faster processor, an improved screen, a better frontlight, a more responsive touch screen and soon integration.

The price is listed as the same as current model (which is currently out of stock).  $119 for the Wifi only and $179 for the 3G and Wifi Paperwhite.

Shipping starts September 30th if the page was accurate.

The New Amazon Paperwhite is now available for pre-order.  $119 for the Wifi only version and $189 for the 3G and Wifi version.  Shipping starts Sept 30th for Wifi Only, Nov 5th for 3G model.


Sounds nice, but I’m disappointed that I’ll have to PAY AGAIN for a book that I have already purchased. I’d like to see them just match you up for free as Apple does with their iTunes Match.

    Obviously free is better. But I am happy there is just an option. Thomas Nelson and others have tried smaller versions of this. Personally I think what will happen is that people will buy and give away the paper version and keep the kindle version. So there is a very real chance of cannibalized sales. Amazon has done the same free option as Apple with their music, and a buy both for a single price with DVD.

    I really don’t know if I would use this except when I am giving a book as a gift. But I think it is a good option.

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