Two New Books by NT Wright

The Case for the psalmsI just picked up NT Wright’s new The Case for the Psalms.  It is a fairly short book about why the Psalms are important to Christian worship and theology.  While the Kindle version has dropped from its initial $12.99 starting price (it is $11.04 right now), it is still cheaper for me to get the audiobook from Audible using my credits.  I think the audiobook was just released last night (or at least that is when I first saw it.)

It is a short book and I am nearly a third of the way through.  So I will have a review of it later this week.

Paul and the Faithfulness of GodJohn Armstrong posted a link to a video interview with NT Wright about the book he is releasing in November, Paul and the Faithfulness of God.  The video does not allow embedding, so you need to go to YouTube to watch it.  It is nearly 25 minutes long but it give a good background on why Wright’s worth is so worth paying attention to, even if he does tend toward hyperbole occasionally.

This is a massive two volume set and if Amazon is right it will be coming in at about 1700 pages.  It has an equally impressive price tag.  Amazon has a list price as $89 and their pre-order price for the paperback as $63.56 as of now.  No Kindle Edition is currently available and because it is Fortress Press I am not real hopeful about a Kindle Edition with a reasonable price anytime soon.  This is part of Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God Series that includes: The New Testament and the People of God, Jesus and the Victory of God and the Resurrection of the Son of God.

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