Volcanoes by Nicole Hamlett (A Grace Murphy Novel)

Volcanoes by Nicole Hamlett Summary: Third book in a fun adventure series where a single mom finds out she is the daughter of the Diana (of Greek God fame) and suddenly has a variety of powers (and enemies).

The Grace Murphy books are classic summer reads.  They are fun, light reading.  A good bit of action, a little bit of romance and something quite different from my standard fare.

The cover of this one is a bit more ‘provokative’ than the previous covers.  But it does make sense.  Grace Murphy is ‘a god’.  Well not actually a god, but one of a race of alien that live a long time and after whom the Greek Gods were modeled.  So her mother is Diana, and her father is Zachary (also known as Zeus).

Grace is the strongest of the ‘gods’ born in a long time but because she was hidden until she was in her 30s, neither she nor anyone else knew what she could do.  Now she has a variety of powers, including the ability to control fire.  Or rather, she has the power to create fire, but not necessarily the ability to control it well.  She has a tendency to burst into flame when she is angry, which does help he keep her wardrobe well stocked.

The ends of Huntress and Rifts were cliffhangers.  Rifts actually stopped right in the middle of a fight scene.  And not long into Volcanoes we realize that at the end of the fight scene Grace burned out her powers and was left with lots of enemies, but no real way to defend her son or herself.

This is another good book in the series.  And the conclusion was more satisfying.  Which is good because the next book in the series is not out yet.

Volcanoes by Nicole Hamlett Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition (I have borrowed the series from the Kindle Lending Library)

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