Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch

Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch book ReviewSummary: A secret service agent wakes up in the woods outside of small town where nothing seems quite right.

The Wayward Pines trilogy hit the world a few years ago and many people I know recommended it. Last year Fox turned it into a TV show. And because I signed up for Kindle Unlimited a couple weeks ago, I decided to pick it up since the audiobook is part of the subscription. I thought I had picked up enough hints from reviews and discussion that I knew what was coming. But I was just enough wrong about the story to be surprised while thinking the big reveal was just ahead.

As I said in my review of Countdown City, reading these two books back to back has left a bit of strange taste in my mouth. For Wayward Pines, it is more about the violence than anything else. The creepiness and fear of madness that runs throughout the book totally makes sense. The flashbacks to torture in the Iraq war and in the current timeline just felt over the top. It is not that they do not fit in the story as written. It is more that I did not want to read (or listen in this case) to them. (There is enough horror in the world right now for me to want to intentionally ingest more.)

Blake Crouch’s style is engaging and I was hooked into the story. The story felt quick, but I am not really sure where the rest of the trilogy is going to go (and from reading non-spoiler reviews of the last book, it shouldn’t have been a trilogy.)

I have the second book queued up to read, but I need some time off. Reading a commentary on Lamentations, while reading these two books probably was also not a great idea.

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