Weight of Glory by CS Lewis

Weight of Glory by CS LewisTakeaway: Lots of classic Lewis here.

I went through a period when I was reading a ton of CS Lewis (either by or about). I looked today and if I counted correctly I have finished 19 of Lewis’ books, many of them multiple times and started but did not finish another 4. But it has been a little while since I read Lewis. Unless I missed something the last books I read about Lewis was the joint biography of the Inklings in Feb 2017. And the last books I read by Lewis was Screwtape Letters in Nov 2016.

I picked up the audiobook of Weight of Glory because it was super cheap and I needed something ‘light’ to off set a lot of other heavy things I have been reading/listening to. That is to say I was probably not as engaged as I should have been. Weight of Glory is the favorite Lewis book of several people I know. It is not that for me. Not because it is bad, but because it is near the end of Lewis’ library for me.

Walter Hooper, Lewis’ literary executor and for a short point, his personal secretary at the end of Lewis’ life has a very interesting introduction. I enjoyed the introduction probably as much as anything else (again not that the rest is bad, but because I had not read a similar introduction from Hooper previously). Hooper says that you can see many of ideas of later books in early form here and that is certainly true.

Lewis had a way with words. He cut can to the chase and was very quotable. Weight of Glory is no different. I probably would have been better reading this in print than listening to it. But part of why I listened to it was that I have not gotten around to reading the print, even though I have owned it for almost four years.

In the end, even thought there was some good lines and as I was listening I kept thinking about how ‘this’ was like where he said ‘that’ somewhere else, it was mostly a forgettable book for me.

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