When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro

When We Were Orphans by Kazuo IshiguroSummary:  An orphaned boy, now a man and a detective, searches for his missing parents.

I do not really care enough about this book to write a longer review. It took me forever to get through When We Were Orphans. I almost gave up a number of time, but I kept slogging through and I probably should have given up.

I really liked Remains of the Day. Maybe it is because I knew the rough story from the movie before I read the book. But in that case the untrustworthy narrator made sense because he truly believed his bad perspective. Here he also believes his distorted perspective, but that distortion make him someone I just didn’t want to be around. The story from about 50% to the end of the major event was mostly ridiculous.

The reveal at the end did not make me like the book any more.

So of the three Ishiguro books I have tried. I loved one. I did not particularly like this one. And I gave up on the Buried Giant. So I doubt I am going to try another.

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