A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle

A Wind in the Door (Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet)Takeaway: Continuing with the theme that Love is most important.

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After reading A Wrinkle in Time, which I have not read in many years, A Wind in the Door was more familiar.  I remembered most of the story line and while it has still been 20 years or so I have read it more recently and more often than Wrinkle in Time.

Reading these as an adult it still strikes me how Christian the themes are.  And how much theoretical science L’Engle (who is not a scientist herself) is writing into the books.  L’Engle had an interview at the beginning of A Wind in the Door audiobook where she discussed the science and the fact that the science she uses is based on real science that she researched and spent time understanding.  Theoretical physics and cellular biology for books oriented toward 9-15 year olds is impressive.

Instead of time and space travel of A Wrinkle in Time, this book has mitochondria DNA.  Charles Wallace is sick and Meg and Calvin have to work with other ‘students’ to help the society of Frandola that is within the mitochondria to stop protesting and rebelling and in Love grow up in the way they should.

I wonder how much L’Engle was writing against the college protest movement of the 1960-early 70s.  This was written into 1973, so it is possible.

The main theme is about Naming and Un-nameing (or X-ing).  Meg has to learn to see the good in others to name them.  The naming is a form of Love that counters the evil creatures desire to get the world to move outside their role and stop loving one another, which leads to X-ing.

Book 3, A Swiftly tilting Planet is next.  But that is taken in my library.  So I am skipping to book 4, which is actually chronologically between 2 and 3.

This book continues with Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin and the rest of the family.  The characters feel a bit more natural and relaxed in this second book.  Meg is still a bit high strung and combative, but that is part of her character.


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