7 Free Christian Kindle Books

Mad About Us: Moving from Anger to Intimacy With Your Spouse by Gary and Carrie Oliver

225 pages, 10 of 10 reviews are 5-star

Carrie and Gary Oliver have written a practical book to help couples focus their passion in ways that lead to trust, understanding, and intimacy. They want Christian couples to develop Christ-centered marriages, and that includes dealing with fear, frustration, and anger–issues that prevent intimacy. They demonstrate how the energy–or passion–of the God-given emotion anger can be harnessed in ways that build and strengthen a marriage relationship and free couples from one of Satan’s most destructive weapons–unhealthy anger.

Runaway Heart by Teresa Slack

319 pages, 13 of 13 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

Running at the first sign of opposition is nothing new to Kyla Parrish. She’s never held onto a relationship for more than a few months, and she’s quit more jobs than most people apply for. Until Will Lachland. He’s the first man who ever made her think of getting serious about something, about putting down roots. But she can’t forget her mother’s ominous warning. Men are users. They take and take and leave nothing but a shell of who she’s meant to be.

Fear of losing her heart to anyone or anything has kept Kyla running all her life. This time she runs from Chicago to the family farm where she spent her happiest childhood summers. A new life and a new chance at romance seem like the answer to her prayers. But things are never as simple as they seem. Can she find the love she longs for even though she can’t forget Will? Or is something else, something greater, calling her heart toward home?

This unpredictable Christian fiction romance full of surprises and humor will encourage readers while reminding them how much fun falling in love can be..

A Farmer’s Daughter: Recipes From a Mennonite Kitchen by Dawn Stoltzfus

224 pages, 39 of 41 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

Welcome to the warm and inviting kitchen of Dawn Stoltzfus, a young Mennonite wife and mother who was raised on a dairy farm where simple, wholesome food was a key ingredient of the good life. In A Farmer’s Daughter, she opens up her recipe box, wipes away the crumbs and wrinkles from the well-loved recipes, and shares them with cooks and food-lovers everywhere. She offers us over two hundred delicious recipes that reflect the comfort foods she learned to cook from her mother, the same hearty and creative recipes she made and sold at The Farmer’s Wife Market.

Among the Unseen by Jodi McIsaac (The Thin Veil #3)

Summary: Cedar, the new Queen of Tír na nÓg, is trying to adjust to her new life and new powers.  But all the Unseen (the magical creatures of Earth) have started dying. 

The Thin Veil trilogy is one of the increasing numbers of books published by 47North or one of Amazon’s other publishing imprints.  And I think it is fairly similar to the others I have read, better than most self published books, but still not quite to the upper levels of quality of all books.

The Thin Veil trilogy follows Cedar, her daughter Eden, and others through discovering that the Celtic gods were actually an immortal race from another world, and that Cedar is the lost daughter of the last king.

Similar to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series or the Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott, this is a modern look at ancient mythology.  But the Thin Veil series is adult fiction (although I would have read it as a teen and I don’t really have any content warning other than some sexual innuendo.)

This is a good light beach read fantasy.  Nothing heavy, but not terribly original either.

The main story arc of the third book is about the sickness and death of the magical creatures on earth.  There was an ancient spell that protected the creatures from humans as long as humans believed in them.  But now that humans have stopped believing in them, they have started dying.

Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Rowen

Reposting my 2013 Review because the Kindle Edition is on sale for $1.99.
Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen

Summary: Fun mystery set in the early 1930s with a down on her luck 34th from the throne Royal.

I have to admit, that being a new parent and trying to keep up with work and enjoying my new daughter and trying to get enough sleep, I have just not been interested in reading anything heavy.  I have already finished more than my goal of books for the year (which is a new record number of books), so I don’t feel pressed to read to review.

Consequently I have been reading fun books.  And this is a great example of a fun book.  Georgie is the younger sister of a Duke.  She is 34th in line for the throne in 1932.  But that does not mean things are going well for her.  She is 21, her brother has stopped giving her a living allowance.  Her father has died after losing all of the family money in American investments, her mother left her father when she was a young child and has been sleeping her way through all of the rich and famous of Europe since then.

Georgie has had enough of her current life stuck in a cold drafty castle in Scotland with her very sweet, but fairly hapless brother and her distant and condescending sister in law.  So she heads to London to make her way on her own.  But things are not that easy.  She does not really have any job skills.  And she can’t take just any job, because there is society to think of and her cousin (the Queen) will find out.  If she doesn’t figure out a way to take care of herself, she is going to be sent off to the country to be a lady in waiting for a great aunt (the last remaining daughter of Queen Victoria).  She will never find a husband (or have any fun) out there.

Things are really not going all that well when she comes home to find a dead body in her bathtub.  I assume this is homage to Dorothy Sayers’s first Lord Peter Wimsey book Whose Body? which also has a body in a bathtub as the center of the mystery.

8 Free Christian Kindle Books

Amish Love of a Lifetime by Sadie Palmer

112 pages, 29 of 33 reviews are 4 or 5-star

Rebecca Bieler and Isaac Schuster have been best friends their entire lives, but she believes they could be more. As with all important decisions, there are risks involved. If Isaac feels the same way, love could blossom between them. But if he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her, it could put a terrible strain on their friendship. Along the way, Rebecca’s patience will be tested, but in the end her faith in God will be the guiding force to see if they can achieve the love of a lifetime.

Habits for Life: The Power of Habit and the Power of Now by Benjamin Chapin

115 pages, 13 of 13 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

The habits we have shape our reality on a daily basis. Whether they are good or bad depends on YOU and what you chose to do with your habits. This book is not a series of case studies and medical study, instead has been designed to help you make real progress and changes with your daily habits. I have made some huge changes in my own life and now I am sharing the knowledge I have gained through the experience. My desire is you enjoy the book and are able to get some real positive changes into your habits.

To Be Free by LR Teague

173 pages, 13 of 13 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

What reviewers are calling “Refreshingly different, honest and real”!

The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2) by Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)

Another fast-paced, well-written whodunit from JK Rowling. It’s been 8 months since Cormoran Strike solved the murder of model Lula Landry, and now an Owen Quine, an author of mild success, has gone missing. He ultimately turns up dead–in a gruesome scene that mirrors the ending of his latest to-be-published novel. That novel is a non-subtle attack on numerous celebrities in the publishing world, and the list of those depicted who may respond with murder is a long one. Strike and his assistant Robin meticulously gather the evidence in pursuit of a killer with an impressive ability for planning and forethought.

Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande

I am reposting this 2012 review because the Kindle Edition is on sale for $1.99 this week.
Resolving Everyday ConflictSummary: Very practical and biblical look at the way we are to handle the everyday small and large conflicts in our lives.

Every month Christianaudio.com gives away a free audiobook.  Most of the time I do not get around to reading and reviewing the book before the end of the month.  But this month I am on the ball and have finished it before the month is even half over.

This is one of those books that I have already recommended to a number of people.  Everyone deals with conflict on a daily basis.  It may be small or large, but conflict is a part of life.

One of the reviews I saw on Amazon played on the biblical phrase in its title, “Where two or more are gathered there is conflict.”

Ken Sande starts with a simple definition of conflict, “Conflict comes because we see something we think we deserve and cannot have it.”

5 Free Christian Kindle Books

The Grace Outpouring: Blessing Others Through Prayer by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts

194 pages, 68 of 68 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Audiobook is discounted to $2.99 with purchase of Kindle Book

An inspiration for the creation of houses of prayer around the world, The Grace Outpouring is a captivating account of spiritual renewal on a Welsh hillside.

When Roy Godwin turned his back on a lucrative consulting job to lead the quiet retreat center Ffald-y-Brenin in West Wales, he wasn’t sure what was next. Then God showed up.

In the years since the Godwins welcomed their first surprise guests to Ffald-y-Brenin, God has drawn thousands of seekers to this converted hill-farm with a tangible presence of healing and power.

Along with its accompanying study guide, The Grace Outpouring offers fascinating stories of God’s work on a remote hillside as well as inspiring insight into how God can work in readers’ own communities.

The Confessions of St Augustine (Modern English Version)

228 pages, 17 of 20 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

Confessions is one of the most moving diaries ever recorded of a man’s journey to the fountain of God’s grace. Writing as a sinner, not a saint, Augustine shares his innermost thoughts and conversion experiences, and wrestles with the spiritual questions that have stirred the hearts of the thoughtful since time began. Starting with his childhood in Numidia, through his youth and early adulthood in Carthage, Rome, and Milan, readers will see Augustine as a human being, a fellow traveler on the road to salvation. Though staggering around potholes and roadblocks, all will find strength in Augustine’s message: when the road gets rough, look to God! Previously released in 1977, this book invites readers to join Augustine in his quest that led him to be one of the most influential Christian thinkers in the history of the church.

Deeper Into the Word: Old Testament: Reflections on 100 Words from the Old Testament by Keri Wyatt Kent

259 pages, 11 of 12 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled, Previously Free

Unique Word Study for Thoughtful Women Readers

Translators have done their best to render the words of the Bible into English, but capturing the nuances of the ancient languages is an inexact science. Kent gives readers an opportunity to investigate the roots and biblical context of the words within the Word.

Strong Poison by Dorothy Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries #6)

Summary: A female crime novelist is accused of poisoning a former lover, and Lord Peter falls for her, but he has to prove she is innocent first.

After reading the first two book of the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery series and enjoying them, but being a bit disappointed by a collection of short stories that came next, I decided to skip to Strong Poison (book six) which many reviews suggest was one of the better books in the series.

Strong Poison opens with a judge reciting the facts of case as he gives instructions to the jury.  Harriet Vine is being accused of poisoning her former lover several months after they stopped living together.  The facts seem just a little too perfect for Peter Wimsey and he is convinced that Harriet Vine is innocent.

After a hung jury, Lord Peter sets out to find evidence for his intuition.  After meeting regularly with Harriet Vine, he falls in love and has even more reason to prove her innocent.

5 Sale Christian Kindle Books ($2.99 or Less)

The Well-Played Life: Why Pleasing God Doesn’t Have to be Such Hard Work by Leonard Sweet - $2.99

289 pages, 20 of 20 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

Do you secretly think that the harder you work, the more God is pleased with you? You can live like that—for a while. But imagine what it might mean instead to unclench your teeth, loosen your grip, and actually experience God’s pleasure in you—not just in everything you are doing for Him? The Well-Played Life is a journey of a life filled with richness, fruitfulness, and creativity of living in God’s pleasure. Renowned author Leonard Sweet explores what it means to please God in the nitty-gritty of life; how that changes from the time we are 5 to the time we are 50; and how in every age of our lives, in everything we do, we can experience God’s gift of play. The Well-Played Life offers a new spiritual direction of enjoying (and being enjoyed by) God. Discover how a Sabbath way of Christian joy is not only possible, but also how we were designed . . . and a core part of God’s plan for our lives.

The Good News of Revelations by Larry Helyer and Ed Chzewski – $2.99

110 pages, 5 of 5 reviews are 4 or 5-star, Lending Enabled

Readers of the Bible rarely, if ever, turn to the book of Revelation for comfort or assurance in hard times. In fact, many popular interpretations of Revelation today focus on predicting a terrifying future that leaves many unsettled and disconnected from John’s original message to the seven churches, many of whom were suffering persecution under the Roman Empire.

Revelation encouraged its original readers to persevere as they waited for God to eradicate evil, restore justice, and redeem the world. Revelation speaks to the past, present, and future church with the assurance of Christ’s victory over evil and the promise that faithfulness will be richly rewarded. This often perplexing book of the Bible reveals good news about the rule of Christ and the future of God’s people.

Rather than saying, “Watch out! The Anti-Christ is coming,” Revelation tells its readers, “Hold on, Jesus is Lord!”

Courageous Compassion: Confronting Social Injustice God’s Way by Beth Grant – $0.99 (Pre-order with July 29 delivery)

304 pages, no reviews, Lending Enabled

Through the eyes of Jesus, you will see those to whom He was drawn as potential men and women of God on a healing, life-changing journey. A challenge to our pale definition of compassion, the message of this book is bold, necessarily courageous, and disruptively life-transforming. If you let it, your worldview and life will be changed forever.

Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi

Reposting my 2012 review of Fuzzy Nation because the Kindle Edition is on sale for $2.99

Fuzzy NationSummary: A first contact story with cute small fuzzy beings.

One of the things I really like is reinterpretations.  I like to listen to remakes of classic songs.  I like to watch remakes of movies and I like to read reinterpretations of old stories.  Some authors have make their entire careers from this type of writing.

As far as I know Fuzzy Nation is the first time that John Scalzi has tried it.  A classic 1962 book by Beam Piper is the inspiration for Fuzzy Nation.  I have not read the original yet.  (But the original is included in the Audible.com Audiobook and available for free on kindle.  So I will read it soon. Reviewed it here.)

The story starts on a foreign world.  Corporations have started buying up the exploitation rights for newly discovered worlds.  Jack Halloway is a surveyor that looks for new areas to mine.  Halloway is a loner and works hundreds of miles from the closest real settlement.

While away, his house is invaded by several small mammalian type animals.  As Jack gets to know them he realizes that there may be more to this world than anyone has realized.