Simply Tuesday: Small Moment Living in a Fast Moving World by Emily Freeman

We live in a world touting the maxim “bigger (or more) is better”; bigger homes, bigger bank accounts, more clothes, bigger status, bigger dreams, more aspirations, etc. Tremendous pressure exists to achieve and produce big things. This mindset is evident in many of our spiritual lives as well. Many blog posts, books and some sermons actively encourage believers to accomplish big things for the Kingdom and for God. Emily Freeman’s latest release, “Simply Tuesday” suggests the opposite.

Freeman suggests real life happens within the small moments of the everyday. An ordinary day, like Tuesday can, and often does, contain the moments worth holding on to. We need to be reminded we weren’t called or made to do it all…just our part. “The soul and the schedule don’t follow the same rules”.

Freeman’s work runs counter to the current culture we’re experiencing of “more”. Consider a sampling of chapter titles from “Simply Tuesday”: Stairwells & Stages: Learning to Receive the Gift of Obscurity, Community & Competition: Finding Safe Places to Feel Insecure, Children & Grown-Ups: An Invitation to Move Downward with Gladness. The author reminds her audience of the beauty in living small, ordinary lives and illustrates the life of Christ as an example. Ministry happens in the small moments too.

“Simply Tuesday” is not a book to read through quickly. I’ve had my advanced copy for months and slowly worked my way through it. Freeman writes as though talking to a friend but in order for a reader to really glean what the author is saying and letting it sink it; a slower, introspective reading pace is required for maximum impact.

I received “Simply Tuesday” in exchange for a book review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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