Kindred by Octavia Butler

Summary: A 26 year old newlywed African American woman from 1976 somehow gets sent back in time to save the life of a young Maryland plantation owners son, in 1815. A bit over a year ago I picked up Octavia Butler’s book Fledgling more by mistake than anything else. I knew the late Octavia Butler … Read more

Patternmaster (Patternist #4) by Octavia Butler

Summary: The world has devolved into perpetual war between the clayarks and the patternists. A young patternist must find his way and try to avoid getting killed by either group. Finally at the end of the series I figure out why each of the four books of this series have been so radically different. When … Read more

Mind of My Mind by Octavia Butler (Patternist #2)

Summary: The subject of Doro’s breeding program, after several thousand years, comes of age. The first book in this series, Wild Seed, was more of a prequel than the first book in the series. Doro is some type of mutant person that was born about 4000 years ago. He accidentally discovered that he could leave one body … Read more