Gateway Chronicles by KB Hoyne

Summary: Young Adult fantasy series that is well-plotted, character-driven, and relatable.  I first read the Gateway Chronicles series about four years ago. That is long enough ago that I have forgotten a lot of the specific plot details and twists, but I still remember the broad strokes. As I re-read the series, it felt like … Read more

The Six by KB Hoyle (Gateway Chronicles #1)

Summary: Young adult fantasy that knows the conventions of the genre, but isn’t reduced to them. Thirteen year old Darcy Pennington doesn’t have any friends. Her real love in life is horses. For the past several years she has gone to a summer camp dedicated to riding horses. But this year, both because of financial … Read more

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander (Prydain Chronicles #1)

Summary: Classic children’s fantasy. I think probably the best children’s epic fantasy series. Reading the excellent Gateway Chronicles this year has made me a little nostalgic for the fantasy that I read in my youth, mostly Prydain Chronicles and L’Engle’s Time Quintet. (There is much fantasy that I read in my youth that I have … Read more