The Noticer by Andy Andrews

What I liked about The Noticer The Noticer was the first book that Thomas Nelson Publishers tried in their NelsonFree program.  NelsonFree was an attempt at encouraging the purchase of hardback books.  With the purchase of a hardback you would get a code to receive the ebook and the mp3 audiobook free for download.  Here is Michael … Read more

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Takeaway: Practically, prayer is about investing in those around you.  Developing a life of prayer requires that we have relationships that we want to seek after God for their benefit Purchase links: Paperback, Kindle Edition, Audiobook If you want to learn about the variety of Prayer you should read Richad Foster’s Prayer. If you want to … Read more

Calibre: ebook management software

Once you have an ereader for a while you need some system for managing the book, a library.  When you have physical books that means getting shelves and maybe organizing them according to some system.  When you have ebooks it means some sort of database system.  Some people use an excel file or basic database. … Read more

Your Church Is Too Small by John Armstrong (Part 3: Moving Forward)

Friday I posted about why the church should be working toward greater unity.  Saturday I posted about John Armstrong’s understanding of how to deal with issues of truth, individualism and how God works in history.  Today I am looking at how Your Church Is Too Small addresses steps to move forward. In the end I … Read more