Stuff You Should Know About Stuff by Tripp and Tyler

Summary: A bunch of random thoughts about various things. 

I love Tripp and Tyler’s videos, especially the Christian Tingle and Conference Call in Real Life. So while I did not exactly pre-order their book, I did pick it up when it was on sale last week.

Tripp and Tyler are great at simple humor, the straight forward dry Seinfeld type of humor. But after reading this book, I think that it is best delivered on video or in person.

I like funny books, but I still expect funny books to tell a story. So I really liked Bossypants because it was a memoir and had a point.

I thought Jim Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat was decent and had some good moments, but it still felt more like a string of jokes than a real coherent book. And with Gaffigan’s second book about food, it was even worse.

There was funny stuff here. And if you are looking for a book that you set in the bathroom and read a couple jokes at a time, then you will probably enjoy this.

For me the disjointed, ‘have you ever thought about”¦’ type of writing doesn’t work over the length of a book.  And I got bored and gave up before I finished it.

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