2013 Reading Goals

Last year I posted my 2012 reading goals.  In summary, the goals were to read more old books, more fiction and more Christian history, read about the Trinity as a theological exploration and to read the book of John.  With the exception of John, I am going to keep these as the same goals for 2013.

I read a number of classics this year and I have been mixed about them.  In absence of a community to give background I know I am not getting all of the nuance of these classics.  (I particularly disliked Alice in Wonderland and know that at least part of my dislike is because I did not understand all of the historical jokes, sarcasm, parody, etc.)  Others, I enjoyed more, including the more recent classic End of the Affair that made my favorites of 2012 list.

In 2013, I am going to keep reading more classics and a good amount of fiction, but I am going to be a bit more particular about my classics and focus less on parody and humor and more on the classic stories that carry across time.

I have also been disappointed in my books on the Trinity that I have read this year.  One of the ones I really liked was a Christian history and that and Triumph of Christianity (another Christian history book) were both among my favorites last year.

There is much more to read about the Trinity so I am going keep reading about the Trinity as my main theological exploration this year.  I am increasingly convinced that the doctrine of the trinity is both important and a corrective to some of the problems of modern Evangelical theology.

If anyone has a suggestion about books to read, I would love to hear them.


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