3 Giveaways

There are three giveaways the I thought readers of Bookwi.se might be interested in.

Jesus Made a Feminist Out of Me

  1. Sarah Beesley one of the bloggers at a Deeper Story is giving away five copies of her new book Jesus Feminist.  I have a copy and will review it later this year.  It has had very good reviews so far.
  2. GoodEreader, one of the best ereader focused news blogs is giving away an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2.  Here is my review of the Amazon Paperwhite 2, which I think is the best ereader that I have used.  The ereader that Goodereader is giving away is from a drop test. So it is a bit scuffed, but still works.
  3. And finally Brave Reviews, a Christian Book Review site, is again having their monthly giveaway.

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