Amazon Bought Liquavista (Color e-Paper Maker)

Image representing Liquavista as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Yesterday Amazon confirmed that they bought Liquavista from Samsung.  Samsung bought them in 2011 but never did anything with the company.

E-paper, similar to e-ink (but not the same) is a very low power screen technology.  But e-paper is color, able to show video as well as color images and is a flexible screen display so it does not require a hard plastics or glass screen (so hopefully it would be more durable and less prone to breakage.)

So this might mean that Amazon is planning on using the technology in a future kindle.  But the predictions that Amazon ‘will soon have a color kindle’ have been regularly made since about 2008.

This is a good sign for those that are looking forward to a color eink (or eink like) display.  But it may also be a first step to moving away from the current eink screens that have had almost no real innovation in the last 5 years.

Liquavista announced the Pebble, a color ereader in 2010, but it has remained a concept product that has never come to market.

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