Branding Survey

I am considering re-branding this blog.  I am looking for a new blog name that would be easy to remember, not have my name in it, and still get across the idea that this is a book blog.

Because I am not great at the whole creative idea thing, I have asked around for suggestions.

So far my wife, Tami, Chris Ames and Anji Mabon have contributed suggestions.

So vote away.  You can choose up to four names.  I will eliminate some after a while.

If you have suggestions to add or comments about any of the names put it in the comments section of this post.

(If you are reading this via RSS, the poll is on the right column of the blog.)


You could be like your human3rror friend (since he suggested it in the first place)

I like (did Chris come up with that?) is amazing. 8 chars long including top-level ending. amazing!

No hard feelings either way bro. I want you to have something you love!

peace | dewde

I cant vote? Is it vote-by-email? I only see results.

peace | dewde

mmm…a play on “refresh” or “refresher” perhaps?


or something to do with “turn/turning” even “pivot” you know, b/c you literally turn pages, but figuratively turn thoughts?

hehe..thats all i got.


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