The Butterfly and the Stone by Dan Mayhew

I am reposting this 2011 review because the Kindle edition is $2.99.
The Butterfly and the StoneSummary: Whether you have a prodigal child, were a prodigal child or know a prodigal child, this books on the heart break of loving a prodigal and what it teaches us about God loving us is a must read.

Right up front I have to disclose that I know Dan Mayhew (the author) and his wife Jody.  I have been aware of the roots of what this book is talking about for the past decade or so since I first met them.  I have not ever met their son, but I have frequently prayed for him and the family.

So maybe I am tainted in my opinion, but the reality of a parent writing about their love of a child, and the corresponding pain of watching a child struggle through bad decisions, addiction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (after serving in Iraq), homelessness, suicide attempts, etc., is powerful stuff.

This is a heartbreaking, but hopeful book.  Hopeful, because the father is always wanting the best for his son, but even more hopeful because he is continually reflecting back on his own relationship as a prodigal with God.  But the book is still heartbreaking because I read about the ongoing pain.  This is not a book that has a solution.  There is no ending, the son is still a prodigal.

Honestly, I have no real words to describe the book.  I am still shaken by the reality that it describes.  But I do hope others read it.  I think many parents would benefit from seeing another family walk through the struggle of a prodigal.  And I think many children (whether you were a prodigal or not) need to read it to help understand a parent’s love for them.  For me the biggest reminder is the quote from Luke 11:13, “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give…to those who ask Him?”

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