A Call for Bookwi.se Book Review Contributors

bookshelves-with-books-in-library_w482_h725Originally when I switched from MrShields.com to Bookwi.se a year ago I had two purposes. First, I wanted to expand the brand to be about the books, not about me personally.  Second, I wanted to get more voices talking about books.  I have had several people contribute over time, but I have not make a enough effort to encourage people to read and review books.

The guys at 8Bit had a meetup on the theme of partnership last Friday and reminded me of the importance of seeking out others.  So I am going to make a greater effort and start a two pronged attack on the problem.

First, I want to get make a formal invitation to contribute book reviews to Bookwi.se.  I am looking for reviews of between 300 and 1200 words (mostly in the 400-600 range.)  I want the reviews to be personal, including your voice and what struck you about the book.  I want a wide range of books (new, old, various genres, fiction, non-fiction, Christian, secular, books that have been reviewed before, etc.)  I am willing to format the reviews if you send me the text, or to set up a contributor role on Bookwi.se for you to post them yourself.

Second, I am going to post a list of books that I have (in paper) that I want someone to review.  These are books I already own but I have not read yet.  I will mail you the book if you will agree to read it and write a review.  I will post a page on Bookwi.se and keep it updated at least weekly with books.  If you read and review a book, I will send you another one.  No official time line, just read at your own speed, post, get another book.

I would also love help in spicing up the design of Bookwi.se.  I enjoy the content side of blogging but I am a lousy designer.  If you have a design eye and want to contribute I would be open to talking.

What have you read lately that you want to share?

Here is the current list of books and the post guidelines.

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