Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela

Conversations with MyselfTakeaway: DO NOT get this on audiobook. It may be a great book for paper (friends I know have loved it) but it is completely unintelligible in audio format.

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There are not many books that I do not finish reading.  Only about 7  in the last 175 or so if my count is right.  But this was among the worst.  And I am afraid it is about the format, not about the content.

The book is structured as snippets of biography from Mandela’s other writings, an unpublished biography and his letters.  The structure of this seems like it would be interesting reading.  But in audio format it is unintelligible.  I listed to about 1.5 hours and I have no idea what is going on other than some random short sections.

The other problem was the narrator.  He is a South African actor, but the accent combined with the structure were too much.

I may try again with a print version of the book, but do not get the audio.


instead of reading his long autobio, i read Playing the Enemy, later retitled Invictus, around 200 pages. The author even helped write the screenplay for Invictus.

it was a great story of this events building up to the game, and the game itself.

I will have to try to read that instead.

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