Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7) by Jim Butcher

Summary: A group of necromancers come to Chicago looking to make themselves into Gods.

Dresden Files is a summer reading series for me. One of those books that I read when I just don’t have much to put into the reading. It is not complete fluff, but it is enjoyable, easy to read, with a good hero and some humor.

Scribd just added all of the audiobooks and so I will probably pick up another one or two this summer. Because I tend to only read one or two of these books a year, it did take me a bit to remembers some of the finer points of the story and what happened in the last book. (Of course once I finished I realized I accidentally skipped a book, which explains some of the missing plot points.)

Just to catch everyone up. Dresden is a wizard in Chicago. He has a private practice, a supernatural Private Eye and consults with the Chicago cops on weird stuff.

In the last couple books, things have been bad. His girl friend was changed into a vampire to punish him. Dresden was really hurt destroying a coven of vampires and is in the middle of a war between a group of vampires and the wizards (although Dresden is not particularly liked or accepted by many of the wizards.) He is also hiding his half brother, who is a vampire.

In the beginning of the book, Dresden is blackmailed to force him find an object of power. Eventually Dresden connects the object, because of Bob (you need to read the series to understand) to a necromancer that was involved in World War I and II.

From there Dresden discovers that he is not the only one searching and he might just end up caught in the cross fire of some very powerful wizards that do not happen to have much of a conscience.

As always, there is some content warnings with language, occult content (although black magic is ‘forbidden’ in the system of the book) and sex (although mostly off scene).

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