New Book – Holy Is The Day by Carolyn Weber

Holy Is the Day by Carolyn WeberI follow a lot of book bloggers and publishers because I want to find out about good books. I am not intentionally focused on new books (I actually work pretty hard to force myself to read older books.) But the way things happen about 70-80 percent of the books I read have been written in the last 2 or 3 years. Part of the reason is that when I find authors I like I tend to read almost everything they write.  So I get biased toward new books to keep reading the authors I really like.

Today I ran across a blog post from Intervarsity Press about the new cover design of a book that the post’s author really liked.  I like the cover as well.  (It is one of the things I like about my Kindle Paperwhite over the older kindles is that it shows the cover images.)

I was even more excited to see that it is the cover for Carolyn Weber’s new book.  I am now a devoted reader of Carolyn’s. (First review and second review of Surprised by Oxford and I am currently reading Surprised by Joy which I assume inspired the title choice.) I even picked up one of her books of poetry (and I am not a fan of poetry) and I am working through it.

Holy Is the Day is not out until Oct 2013, but I already put it on my watch list and will be waiting expectantly.  By the way, Carolyn blogs at

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