How to Reset Your Place in a Kindle Book

Sometime earlier this week Amazon made a small little change that will be very helpful to people that share a kindle account with several people or like to re-read books.  In the past there was no way to reset your place in a kindle book.  Once you finished the book, the book was finished for everyone on the account or for you when you were re-reading it again.

This is particularly a problem if you use the sync feature to read on multiple devices.  You start on your kindle, then want to read a few pages on your iPhone while standing in line at the grocery store.  On a book that has not been read before, all you have to do is open the book and it goes to the last place read and you keep reading.  Then when you get back to your kindle, it asks you if you want to sync to the furthest point read and you keep right on reading. But once you (or someone else on your account) has read to the end of a book that sync feature no longer works.

Luckily this week, Amazon introduced a re-set button.  If you go to “Manage Your Kindle” on a computer in your Amazon account, and look at the options under each book you will now see “Clear furthest page read (see below). Click that and you are ready to read again.


Hopefully this is an indication that Amazon is starting to pay attention to the real weaknesses in their book management systems. Regardless it is a nice little tweak.

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