Into the Fire by Jodi McIsaac (The Thin Veil #2)

Summary: Cedar returns to Tir na nOg with her husband Finn and daughter Eden to restart their lives after they defeated the previous evil King.

Last summer I picked up the first book in the series (Through the Door) on a whim.  It had an interesting blurb and was cheap.

The series takes a single mom who discovers her daughter has the power to open a door to anyplace she can think of.

Through the first book Cedar finds the father of her daughter who left to protect her, the fact that her mother is not her mother and that she is really the daughter of a king and queen of another world of immortals that were ancient Gods of celtic lore.

Cedar, with her ‘gift of humanity’ was able to defeat the evil king, save her daughter and be reunited with her true love. It wasn’t a great book but it was an enjoyable enough beach read.

Into the Fire picks up again almost immediately.  Cedar, Finn and Eden head to Tir na nOg to start a new life.  But almost immediately she finds that the council has been infiltrated by Nuala (who had kidnapped Eden) in the first book.  This comes to a head when Nuala tries to become queen and the only one that has a better claim to it is Cedar herself.

In order to prove herself worthy of the crown Cedar is given a task and a week to complete it. She has to find an ancient object lost for hundreds of years.

Like the first book, this is a decent, but not great book.  It is a fine fluff beach read.  I picked it up free as a Kindle Lending Library book and glad I didn’t waste much on it.

It isn’t badly written, just light on originality.  There is plenty of action but a mix of aliens, ghosts, druids, and lots of other standard fantasy fare all mixed together.  There was really never a point that I doubted the ending or the fact that lots of people around Cedar would end up getting hurt (but probably not die) in order to her to accomplish the task.  And that is what ended up happening.  Not all book needs to be masterpieces. But sometimes reading the less than masterpieces help really make those few masterpieces stand out.

Into the Fire (The Thin Veil #2) Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition (available in the Kindle Lending Library), Audiobook is discounted to $1.99 with purchase of Kindle Book 

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