Invitation to Submit Book Reviews is a better book review site when more people contribute reviews.  Over the past year or two nearly 10 different people have contributed at least one book review. reviews have been everything from children’s books to serious academic books to light pop fiction to classics.  This post is an open invitation to submit review to be posted on

This next week I will be traveling several days for work and I do not have a backlog of reviews to post.  So if anyone want to submit a review please send me a message via email (adam at or facebook or twitter or leave a comment below.

The book reviews can be for virtually anything.  I shoot for blog posts that are between 300 and 1000 words.  If you are interested you can send me the review and I will post it or I can give you credentials and you can log in and post the review yourself.

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I’ve written a screenplay, SOMETHING GRAY, which is now on Amazon. It was #2 on Amazon for Mosby’s 180th birthday in December.

Here’s the Amazon link and Trailer:

Gotten some nice endorsements:
“It’s a fine script. The dialogue is extremely colorful, yet believable, and never over the top. People in the Biz say it is a rule for screenplays that the action descriptions must be strictly colorless and clear enough for an imbecile. Yours are nearly literary, which makes it an enjoyable read. I really enjoyed the script. You’re a terrific writer, Phil. Wonderful characters and brilliant dialogue.”
–Brian Mallon Actor, (General Hancock in Gettysburg, Gods and Generals)

“Gotta read the book everyone. Excellent. Read it while en route to L.A. from location in N.C. Great script and story. My father, whose middle name was ‘Lee’ gave me the same advice when I was forced to deal with bullies on a regular basis. I was five years old and that advice has served me well over the years & never proved false. Congratulations. I’m probably too old for Grumbles, but I love that role. Civil War followers are going to love this overdue accounting of Mosby, I sure do. Stay in touch. Excellent.”
–Patrick Gorman, Actor (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals)

“Have read this. As a lover of history…I love it. As a screenwriter: I earnestly wish there were more like this. Tremendous script: if they don’t make it it’s a crime!! I read dozens of screenplays. I arbitrate credits. Yours is head and shoulders above.”
–Michael Beckner (Spy Games and CBS’ The Agency).

“Your book was a well-written masterpiece…I think I read it in about 3 days….on this phone (which is an annoying way to read…but I couldn’t stop). Thriller!”
–Cary Eberly, Author/Historian

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