Ms Marvel Vol 1: No Normal

Summary: The new superhero Ms Marvel is a 16 year old Muslim girl from Jersey City.

Being a new parent not only take time, it takes brain cells. Some of the denser books I started I have put aside for a bit until I can actually concentrate on them. So mostly I have been listening to Inspector Gamache books. Last night after seeing people sing its praises yet again, I picked up Ms Marvel Vol 1 because it was on sale for Kindle (sale is over unfortunately).

I like comic books, but I rarely read them. They are expensive (or at least can be) and I have never been patient enough to wait for serials. But I really love superhero stories. They appeal that part of me that wants to save everyone and have some secrets.

I have not read previous incarnations of Ms Marvel. But this re-boot of the character is well written and interesting. Many people have compared it to early Spiderman and his teen angst and his desire to help others, but his struggle to hide his powers from those around him for their own protection.

Kamala Khan is a geeky girl into fan fiction and superheros. When she is transformed into a superhero herself, she learns that the powers (and her subsequent life) are not all they are cracked up to be.

I would like a bit more development about how the powers came and a bit more development into her transformation as a superhero. But I think the second at least will come in future stories.

This is 120 pages and a collection of 5 comics. But still the story only just barely got started. And that 120 pages includes at least 15-20 pages of letters and filler that was not story). The second collection (issues 6 to 11) came out yesterday. But at least right now, it is $12.31 for 136 pages on Kindle and seems too expensive for me (the iBook and comixology editions are even more expensive).

But if you see these on sale or if you have a subscription to Marvel Unlimited they are worth picking up. (Scribd has comics, including a series of the old Ms Marvel, but not the new one.)

(Comics are really the only reason that I use my iPad 1 these days. After my disappointment with the Amazon Fire HD 6 and the fact that the iPad 1 is slowly being made obsolete, comics are the only reason I might get a full sized iPad instead of the iPad mini.)

Ms Marvel Vol 1: No Normal Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition

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