Need Book Suggestions for Newly Married Couples

Over the past two years my wife and I have lead a small group for newly married couples.  We are getting ready to start a third group at the end of the month and as we have talked about the curriculum we have found a couple of holes in the content or areas we want different content.


Prayer has been a consistant theme that we would like to develop more.  About 50 to 60% of the couples have grown up in the church, but praying out loud and praying with your spouse is new for most.  Does anyone have a suggestion on a book for how to pray as a couple?


I just have not found a book on sex that we really have liked.  And I think that what I am looking for does not exist.  What worked OK this year was a discussion on For Men Only/For Women Only to discuss gender differences.  I think this is the most natural place to have a gender separated discussion on sex.  Does anyone know of an article (I am thinking 5 to 10 pages) about sex in a newly married context.

Spiritual Development

These groups have mostly focused on topical issues.  Sex, Money, Communication, Family, etc and less on spiritual development.  I would like to see either a short book/video study on how to do devotionals as a couple or a explicitly bible focused study.  I am looking for something that can be easily done in 2 to 4 weeks.


For the last two years we have used Northpoint’s Balanced curriculum.  It is fine, but it seems a bit too long.  Another issue that is not really about the curriculum is that we have done money last.  So there is not much follow up.  Again I am looking for a book/video curriculum that is about 3 to 4 weeks long.

Anything Else

Is there any other book/video curriculums that you would say are very good for new couples?

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That book, enemies of the heart, was a nice, quick read. We broke it down into 6 weeks: an intro week, one week for each enemy and then a conclusion week. You could make it 4 weeks.

Let me know if you find a good one on the topic of sex.

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