Offsite Review: Delighting in the Trinity

Delighting in the TrinityI like to get second opinions.  So I really like it when others contribute reviews to books I have already reviewed on  Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, more than one review seems to carry more weight than just one review.

For the most part, one of the books that I have almost universally seen positive reviews is Delighting in the Trinity.  I have been working through books on the Trinity this year.  (And will likely keep reading more on the Trinity next year.)  But for the most part I have been disappointed by the books I have read on the Trinity.

One of the books I was not disappointed in was Delighting in the Trinity.  Pam Pugh, an editor at Moody Press, reviewed Delighting in the Trinity at the blog Cloud of Witnesses the other day.  I pulled a quote out of the middle of the review:

A book titled Delighting in the Trinity must by its essence be a little ethereal; after all, no one can physically see these beings. And is such a discussion useful, or is it just something Christians talk about over coffee or in conjunction with that intro to philosophy class? Does it matter? Let’s consider the book’s subtitle: An Introduction to the Christian Faith. Interesting. Different. Intriguing. Not a book about doctrine per se, but a true introduction to what makes Christianity different from any other belief system: its triune God.

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Was just looking at this book because of the mention from Desiring God. Do you have it? I want to read it.

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