Offsite Review: The Undead and Theology

The Undead and Theology

I am not a horror movie fan.  I like the occasional vampire book (both the Twilight and the Bram Stoker variety) and I have read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and I loved TV show Buffy.  But I will not watch Walking Dead or other zombie tv or movies.  I get scared too easily.

I do think that monsters to give some interesting insights into theology and I liked the humorous take on monsters and Christianity that Matt Mikalatos had in The Night of the Living Dead Christian.  So I am not really the target audience for a new collection of essays, The Undead and Theology edited by Kim Paffenrogh and John Morehead, about theology and monsters.  But the review is interesting enough that I thought that some people would like it.  Head over to Englewood Review of Books and check out the review by Amber Peace.

From the growing popularity of The Walking Dead to the predicted Mayan Apocalypse, 2012 was a year focused on End Times and otherworldliness. Fitting right into our curiosity of horror is The Undead and Theology, a collection of essays edited by Kim Paffenroth and John Morehead. They collected several essays under three topics: Vampires, Zombies, and Other Undead. Each essay focuses on a contemporary, pop culture connection to an undead, and then muses on the theological implications of the connection.

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