Offsite: When Theology Becomes an Assault Weapon

I think about about how to properly share the idea that I wrestle out of books.   So many books have good pieces that are mixed up in a bad book.  And so many good books have bad pieces that in an otherwise good book.  Sometimes it is just the audience is wrong for the book.  Other times it is much more serious than that.

Michelle Van Loon has a very good blog post today about trying to read through a book with a friend.  The book ended up being the wrong book for the friend for a variety of reasons.

I have had similar problems sharing books with friends.  Sometimes it is the reader that is bringing in lots of outside bagage to the book and distorts the intended meaning.  But quite often it is the author that in just unaware of other people’s lives and so shares something that many will misunderstand.

If you have had problems reading books that get recommended to you you might like this post.

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