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Daniel Darling reviewed Jonathan Merritt’s soon to be released A Faith of our Own

The Englewood Review of Books has a review by Bob Cornwall of Amos Yong’s The Bible, Disability and the Church.  This is a book I have been meaning to read since it came out.

Not a review, but a fix to the problem of the footnote, especially in ebook readers.

Marc Cortez is giving away (to one person) the two books For Calvinism and Against Calvinism.  Bookwi.se reviewed both, For and Against

Christianity Today reported that Madeleine L’Engle’s young adult novel Camilla is being made into a movie.  The Bookwi.se review of Camilla

Reminder: Bookwi.se has books that you can have, if you will read and write a short review of them (I will cover postage).  The list is available here.  If you do not see anything that is interesting feel free to send me an email, tweet, Facebook message, etc. about what type of book you would be willing to write about.  I have a lot more books (not on this list) I could send you as well.

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