Price battle between Amazon and Barnes and Noble

There were two significant announcements in the ebook world yesterday.

Barnes and Noble  announced a new Nook Lite (a wifi only reader) for $149 and a lower price for their regular Nook for $199.  There was also a software upgrade for the regular Nook.  Both are available now with free shipping.

Amazon countered with a price drop for their Kindle 2 to $189. It is available now with free two day shipping.

The competition is great for everyone, but the Kindle is the better buy.  The updates over the past couple weeks have made the Nook a much better competitor to the Kindle.  But the Amazon bookstore still pulls the Kindle out front.

Update: I saw that Amazon has their refurbished Kindles (which come with a same as new warranty) are now $139 with free shipping.  I am seriously considering getting one for my wife.


That makes a kindle a lot more tempting. Now if only amazon would be more reasonable with kindle book pricing…….

    The books that Amazon sets their prices are pretty reasonable. The
    books where the publisher set the price are sometimes OK, sometimes
    ridiculous (saw a book priced at $29 today, when the paperback was
    $10). Honestly I think about 80% of the books are prices reasonably.
    It is only a few that are too high. And all of the free book. I
    think Amazon is approaching 30 just this month!

      They add a surcharge to most ebooks purchased by people outside America (thankfully not the free books anymore though) so that brings quite a few kindle prices to higher than amazons paperback price.

      The free books are great. That would be what would make me get a kindle over the cheaper and available in local stores kindle

        Well then yes, that is a problem. I have heard that they are dropping
        the download charge, but that would still not be the same price
        necessarily. As I understand it, if you have a US account (a US
        credit card) then you get US prices no matter where in the world you
        are. I have friends that are on my account that live in France, but
        have been in the US since they got the kindle. They are moving back
        in a month and we will find out if the price for US account holders,
        not in the US is really the same.

          Whoops, meant to say Kobo in that last bit.

          I'm told it is possible to cheat the system by registering with a United States address but since I have an Australian credit card I'm not sure how long it would work for.

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