Amazon Prime Trial Membership

screenshot_143From now until January 10 Amazon is having a promotion for Amazon Affiliates (like me). If you are unaware, any purchase that you make after having clicked through on of links (whether it is what I liked to or not) gives 4 to 10% depending on what you buy and how many other referals that resulted in a purchase earlier that month. (I disclosed income and expenses in this post.)

I personally have been an Amazon Prime member for just over 2 years now. In addition to being a replacement for Netflix for me (which would be $8 a month), I also can borrow one book a month from the Kindle lending library. I do not borrow a book every month, but I borrowed about 7 or 8 books this year. Also starting last month Amazon allows Prime members to purchase (for free) one of four pre-release books each month through the Kindle First program.

The main benefit is free 2 day shipping on almost any purchase from Amazon and discounted one day shipping. I work from home and order quite a bit from Amazon so this has really made sense for our our household.

Normally if you sign up for Amazon Prime trial membership (whether you cancel after the free month or not) would get a $2 referral fee. But during this promotional period Affiliates get $10 per referral. If you have had any interest in Amazon Prime, this would be a great time to try it and to support

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