Why We Run From God’s Love by Ed Cyzewski

Book Review: Why We Run From God's Love by Ed Cyzewski - a short (19 page) ebook about a spiritually dry season. Worth readingSummary: Short book about the common reality of not wanting to seek after God.

This is a short little book, only 19 pages.  The cheap distribution of ebooks has made shorter works possible again and I think that is a good thing. Not everything worth reading or writing needs to be 200 pages.

Ed Cyzewski, author or co-author of five other books including Coffeehouse Theology, Hazardous and Divided We Unite, has written this short book about being distant from God.

I read this over two late night feedings of HG. It feels real and present to me.  We all free distant from God at times and it is good to acknowledge it.  (I have spoken before about seeking out a spiritual director this year because of my own spiritual dryness.)

Much of it is about prayer and how we know we should pray, but we do not feel like praying.  We feel like doing anything else but praying.  But prayer is one way we feel intimacy with God.  Cyzewski wants intimacy, not just knowledge of God. Real faith requires more than just knowledge.

This is short work so I am not trying to summarize it.  What I think is important about it is that mature Christians (which Cyzewski definitely is) are commonly thought to not have periods of spiritual dryness.  The reality is that all Christians will have periods of spiritual dryness.  Being around people, being involved in a life giving church, participating in liturgical practice are all part of moving through dryness.  But books like this that share the story of spiritual dryness are also a help.  They both set proper expectations for our spiritual life and give hope for coming through.

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