The Never War by D. J. MacHale

The Never War is the third in the Pendragon series (not the Steven Lawhead Pendragon Series).   I liked the first book (it was free on Audible) and was pretty blah about the second.  I would have stopped after the second, but there was a sale and it was only $5 and you know how it goes.

I liked the third book more than the second.  I thought the plot was a bit tighter, the characters were less stupid and made less really bad decisions.

Maybe it was because the setting was 1930s New York City, but there was a lot less, “Wow, I just couldn’t believe it” dialog that filled the two previous books.  (They were both set in other worlds.)

This is a Young Adult series, targeted toward 5th to 8th grade reading levels.  And I am listening to it as an audiobook.  I am trying not to put too much expectations on it.  The main character turns 15 during this book.  He is starting to act like a fifteen year old most of the time instead of wildly swinging between 8 and 24.  So it is more enjoyable to listen to.

I honestly do not know if I will listen/read any more.  If I find them cheap/free I probably will.  But it looks like there are at least 5 more in the series and I am just not sure I have that much left to invest in it.

If you are looking for a decent fantasy series for an advanced 5-6th grade reader this is probably good.  There is no sex, no language and good content.

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