Third Shift – Pact – Part 8 of Silo Series by Hugh Howey

Third Shift - Pact - Part 8 of Silo Series by Hugh HoweySummary: The final of the second series.

Hugh Howey is an independent author phenomenon.  Most authors do not make $15-20,000 a month and decide to turn down a 7 figure advance on a book contract after selling the rights to their books to Ridley Scott.

But Hugh Howey, after a little over a year gets an article in the Wall Street Journal about his writing/marketing prowess.

Third Shift (Pact) follows the same basic mold.  This is the third (and last) of this second series.  Donald (who was sort of tricked into working in the Silo initiative) is again woken up to deal with a problem.

And Solo’s back story is finally revealed.

Which in the end brings us basically back to where we were at the end of book 5 of the Wools series (albeit with a whole lot more back story.)

So I assume that there is going to be a new series that now moves forward from the Wool series and from the Shift series.

These are good books.  They reveal just enough to keep you hooked but they are a bit frustrating because there is so little revealed about the overall story line in each new book.

But they are cheap, engaging and actually have good writing and editing.  So I will keep reading them as Howey keeps writing them.  Although they are pretty easily available to borrow (legally) if you are so inclined to borrow instead of pay at the lending sites like Lendle.  I have borrowed more than paid, but I paid at the last couple to offset my borrowing.

Third Shift by Hugh Howey Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition

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