Together in Prayer by Andrew Wheeler

Takeaway: Best book I have read on leading prayer in a small group setting

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Small groups have become a standard among the evangelical church. Especially in large churches, they are the way that you build community, disciple one another, and give and receive care from the church. Many small groups could use some help in learning how to pray together in a way that builds up the community, keeps everyone awake and doesn’t freak out the new people. This is a short book that gives practical advice as well and the reasons behind focusing on how and why you should pray together as a small group. The publisher’s site for the book has two sample chapters.

It is not long, I read 3/4 of the book on a single plane ride from Pittsburgh to Atlanta.  If you are in a small group, especially if you are a leader of a small group, you should spend the time and money and pick up this book.

I will send one person my copy of this book.  I am going to limit this to someone that is actually in a small group.  Leave the name of your church (and be sure you put your email on the comment form – it is not public). It was already sent, not longer available.


I’d like a copy of this book. Sounds like a cool read. I help out with a small group of high schoolers at Blanchard Alliance Church in Illinois, and they’ve been asking recently about praying together (yeah, surprised me too!). Thanks for doing this.

Andrew is a great guy and his book a great read – My interview with him is at

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