Lowell Snow’s Prayer Guide

Frustration is probably the first thing I think about when I think of church prayer meetings.  Maybe you have had much better experiences than I have.  But when I think about my own church prayer meetings from the variety of churches that I have attended over my adult life, frustration is an accurate word.  This is in part because I have had really good outside of church prayer groups (like I posted about last week).  I originally bought a copy of Lowell Snow’s Prayer Guide when I was very frustrated with a church men’s prayer group I was attending.  I was looking for something to communicate to the prayer group facilitator what a good prayer meeting could look like.  I read an interview with Lowell Snow on the National Pastors Prayer Network Blog (recently he did a podcast with Lowell Snow as well).  I have since read through or referenced specific chapters of the guide at least four times in the last two years.  This guide is well written, practical guide on how to lead a wide variety of prayer meetings.  Anything from just an opening or closing prayer (when not a full prayer meeting), to prayer in times of tragedy, to a prayer focused worship service.  (The table of contents is very descriptive. Warning PDF).  This is honestly the best how-to style guide for prayer that I have read.  I have given away at least three copies.  The book itself has gone through several printing format changes (spiral bound, large paperback and ebook).  I have purchased all of them.  I am going to keep the ebook version for myself as a reference but I am sure I will keep buying and giving away this guide.

I will send one person the current paperback version that I have.  Leave a comment below and I will randomly choose after two days.  Please only ask for the book if you actually will read it.

This book can be purchased directly from the author in print or ebook forms or in Amazon Kindle format (currently $0.99 there)


I’m interested. -A

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