200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One: Creating a Life of Meaning and Influence

200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One

Takeaway: Our work is for God, not just for ourselves or those around us.

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The author (Shawn Wood) is funny, thoughtful and has a point. The basic point of this book is that we need to work to the best of our ability and for God. The central biblical story is the building of the temple and the 200 pomegranates that were put on the top of the columns where no one could see them but God. The builder could have just not done anything up there but instead choose to put some of the best work there, for his audience of one (God).

Strangely I think it is a good complement to NT Wright’s book on heaven (Surprised By Hope). Wood is talking about what we do we should do for God, whether others know we do it or not. And Wright was talking about how being too focused on heaven prevents us from living in the now. We should view the current life as preparatory for the work that we will have in the next life.

I can’t say this was a perfect book.  I read it on my Amazon Kindle.  The formating on kindle is not the greatest. It is a topaz formated book (which as I understand it is at base and Optical Character Recognition instead of formated directly from the text). There are also a couple places where there are some discussion questions at the end of chapters and those are not at all readable. They are images and just too small. A bit more work formating and this would have been a much better read.”

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