A Mind to Murder by PD James (Adam Dalgliesh Mysteries #2)

A Mind to Murder by PD James (Adam Dalgliesh Mysteries #2)Summary: An unliked, but somewhat unknown office manager is killed and there are too many suspects.

PD James is frequently cited as one of the best modern mystery novelists. So I am going to try to work my way through them over time. But like many series, I have been warned that the series takes a little while to warm up. 

A Mind to Murder is set in a community mental health facility. The office manager is killed on a Friday evening while a number of clients and staff are still present and Adam Dalgliesh, from Scotland Yard, needs to interview them all before they can leave. 

The book is about halfway over by the time the initial interviews are over. It is a slow beginning and a bit tedious. But I suspect that is on purpose to show real life detective work and to build some suspense. 

With both this and the previous book, the action and explanation at the end I thought was a little rushed. Both books were fine. Neither seemed particularly striking. If I had not heard so many good things, I would probably give up on the series. But I can get at least the first five from my library on audiobook, so I will keep trying.

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