The Android’s Dream by John Scalzi

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The Android's DreamSummary: Two trade representatives die during an interstellar trade negotiation creating an interstellar incident.  If Harry Creek does not find a particular type of sheep there might a war, one that Earth will not be able to win.

I enjoyed reading Agent to the Stars so much that I picked up another John Scalzi book.  And since it had Will Wheaton as narrator I picked up the audiobook.

Both of Scalzi’s books that I have read so far have not been primarily concerned with the science.  Instead the are science fiction settings, there are aliens, it is in the future, but it is really just the setting, not the main concern of the book.  So people that do not traditionally like science fiction might like these.

Android’s Dream is more of a spy book than a science fiction book.  Harry Creek is a former cop, a former war hero, a computer specialist and currently works for the State Department giving aliens bad news.

His more ‘special’ talents get him tasked to find a particular breed of sheep to stop an interplanetary war that the Earth will be sure to lose.  Of course he ends up finding a girl that needs help.  He has to escape both the aliens and the humans that want to encourage a war.

The end had a very nice twist that took the book in a very different direction.

Scalzi writes with a lot of humor.  So it feels a bit like Christopher Buckley or Carl Hiaasen but with a science fiction setting.  I will be reading more Scalzi, especially with Will Wheaton as a narrator.

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