Breeder Cycle by KB Hoyle (all four books)

Summary: A dystopian trilogy (with a prequel) that is both an enjoyable read and prescient. 

I have not been reading much fiction lately. But with my brain distracted by real life and less time since my kids are not in school right now, it felt like a perfect time to pick up KB Hoyle’s Dystopian series. About 18 months ago I read Hoyle’s fantasy series that started with The Six. I read the series quickly and loved the books. They were certainly in my list of favorite fiction books that I read in 2018.

Once I have a feel for fiction authors, I tend to try to read them completely blind. I had not read any of the descriptions of the series before picking it up. And as I finished each one, I just picked up the next without writing a post. At this point, I do not think it makes sense to write individual responses because this is a single story, told over four books.

The setting is roughly 200 years after two different mass devastation events. There is a single world government that is trying to repopulate the earth after the majority of the population died in a massive famine, a wide-scale pandemic or a third event that I will not reveal. The main character at the start of the first book is one of the breeders, Seventeen (later Pria). Other characters are quickly introduced and many of them continue through the series.

I am not going to give away plot details but a couple of notes. KB Hoyle has great plots. Hints are given, but I did not know where the story was going to end up as I was going along. I can also guess that a few people will be disappointed in how some of the first two books end, but remember, this is a single large story arc, keep reading.

Also, this is a young adult dystopian book. Hoyle does not tell childish stories, but they are pitched to a teen or advanced pre-teen audience. There is some romance and hinting at sexual situations (the title of the first book is breeder and the evil government plot involves young women serving as baby factories so some of this is set up in the concept.) However, there is nothing on the page more than insinuation and teen appropriate discussion. (Spoiler–there is an attempted rape at one point, but the victim does not fully understand what is going on apart from the violence until later. )

Having read both series that KB Hoyle has written, the plotting and engagement is high. This series will not appeal to everyone. And while I picked up a dystopian series because we are on pandemic lockdown, that will not be helpful for everyone. But for me, the chapters were short enough that I could pick up a book here and there and make real progress. The book was engaging and had a clear good vs evil structure that even as it dealt with hard things at times, it was comforting to read a story about people that were trying to save humanity and willing to reck it out

KB Hoyle is now an independent author (her former publisher had financial issues). A benefit of that is that these books are pretty cheap. They are on Kindle Unlimited if you do that, or $2.99 a book if you purchase them on kindle right now. Or $12.99 for the paperbacks.

Breeder (#1) Paperback, Kindle Edition
Criminal (#2)  Paperback, Kindle Edition
Clone (#3) Paperback, Kindle Edition
Hunter (Prequel) Paperback, Kindle Edition

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