Dust by Hugh Howey

Reposting this 2014 review because this book, and the two earlier collections that made up the trilogy are all on sale for $2.99 each on kindle (Wool Omnibus and Shift). Links to my reviews of the earlier books are at the bottom of the page.
Summary: The story comes to an end.

Hugh Howey broke into internet fame just three years ago when he published his short story Wool. Originally just conceived of as a 50 pages short story, Howey quickly wrote four more short stories that rounded out the original story into a full length book.

Then in 2012 and 2013 Howey wrote three segments that provided back story to the Wool series. (Collected they are almost 700 pages, but really are one book in three parts.)

The final book (thinking of Wool Omnibus as book 1, Shift Omnibus as book 2 and Dust as book 3) provides a satisfying conclusion.

If you have not read any of these, then this review won’t make sense. This is a post-apocalyptic story. The stories are set in underground silos after our world has been destroyed.

We found out in Shift the plan for the silos and how they were created. In Dust Howley is bringing it all back together and wrapping of the story. Mayor Jules has discovered the other silo and has made it back. She has to convince her society that their stable world would be better if they allowed it change.

At the same time Donald and his sister are working behind the scenes in Silo 1 to help Jules and her people.

In the end there is a conclusion. It is not completely satisfying, but it is a real ending (unlike everything else prior.)

This is a worthwhile series, but taken all together is nearly 1600 pages. I spread the reading out over a couple years but probably would have been better off reading them closer together.

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