Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well by Billy Graham

Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

Takeaway: Old age is hard, but part of life, and part of God’s plan.

Billy Graham has a distinctive clear style of writing and his latest book (published at 93 years old) is still the same.  As with every one of his books, there is a clear presentation of the plan of salvation.  But this book is written for a particular audience, and at 38, I am not it.

Nearing Home is written primarily for those that are 50 or 60 years old and above.  Some of it is basic advice as for those that are aging (have a will, make plans for your health care, talk to your heirs about your wishes, etc.).  Much of the book is spiritual and relational advice.

For all of the importance that the church has made on reaching the young (and I think it is important), I am glad that Billy Graham is speaking to those that are older.  Graham believes that those that have reached advanced years have a particular calling to share their wisdom, time and energy with those that are younger.  The age of retirement can be difficult, priorities change, energy and health decline.  But Graham thinks that there are things that just cannot be learned any other way but by actually living a long life.

Not sure why there are so many ‘last books’ coming out lately.  Maybe I am just noticing them and reading them.  But this is a very different book then the ‘last book’ by Brennan Manning or John Stott or Eugene Peterson.  Each of these men wrote a book that really seems natural to their previous life and ministry, and Billy Graham is no different.

This is not revolutionary book.  Graham is not sharing anything that has not been shared before.  But he is a clear prophet and calling out for a renewed sense of the calling of age, whether or not society joins in with that call.  I am not sure if it is appropriate to give a book like this to parents or grandparents (because it is primarily calling those that are older to fulfill their calling), but this is a book I would encourage you to recommend.

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