Offsite Review: The Pastor: A Memoir by Eugene Peterson

Since reading Matt Rddmond’s excellent book the God of the Mundane, I have been a subscriber to his blog.  Today he posted a ‘non-review’ of Eugene Peterson’s The Pastor: A Memoir.  If you are a pastor, or you are a lay person in leadership and work closely with a pastor, this is definitely in a handful of books that I would say EVERY pastor should read.  It has been about a year since I read it and I think I might need to read it again.  Seriously, get this book.  Matt is in love with it about as much as I am:

Hand-cuffed. I don’t even know how to write a review of this book. A review is what you write when it isn’t personal. A review is what you do for books. The Pastor is far more than a book. You need to understand that Eugene Peterson saved my vocational soul just over a year ago. And since that time I have been pointing people ““ especially pastors ““ to his books. Especially young pastors. So how about a non-review?

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