On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew PetersonSummary: A children’s fantasy from musician Andrew Peterson.

Entirely too often I find myself with kindle books and no time to read them. So I picked up the audio book edition to actually get to the book. In this case I bought the kindle edition 7 years ago. And then I picked up the audiobook on sale just over a year ago. But I didn’t actually start the book until last week. I started with the audiobook and it didn’t click with me. (Nothing wrong with the audiobook quality.) But I picked up the kindle edition and read it in a couple days and a couple days later I am nearly finished with the second book.

About a year or so ago I supported a Kickstarter effort to get this series made into an animated series. That effort is still underway, but the initial trailer and first part of the series does give a good sense of the series. You can find more at the website. 

This is a middle grade oriented fantasy series. The main character is 12 and his brother and sister are both younger. His father died and he is being raised by his mother and grandfather (her father). Another family member is revealed in the book, but the loss of a parent that is common in middle grade fantasy is still here.

The story is action focused, but not just a string of events. There is character development and nuance. I don’t know that I will review each book individually. But I really enjoyed the first and I am enjoying the second. There are two more to go.

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