The Englewood Review of Books

I have had several people ask me how I decide what books to read.  Primarily, I listen to friends and read reviews.  The two best book review magazine/websites for Christian books are Christianity Today’s Books and Culture and the new Englewood Review of Books.

Englewood Review of Books has been around as a website for about 3 years.  But is moving into a print magazine as well.  Their second issue is being printed right now.  And since Books and Culture did a nice podcast I thought I would comment as well.


What is unique about Englewood Review is that it was started out of a single church in Indianapolis.  In spite of all of the problems ofprint industry it may be an odd time to start a new print magazine out of a single church, but I am rooting for them.  Right now all of the reviewers are volunteer but the quality is extremely high.  I would say it is equal in quality to Books and Culture, although the range of books is a bit narrower (almost entirely Christian focused).  What places them higher than Books and Culture is the number of reviews, there are many more book reviews on Englewood Review of Books than on Books and Culture.

There is also good focus on poetry, which to my knowledge is almost completely absent of any other Christian Book reviews.  I have subscribed to the print edition, but primarily read on line.  If you are interested you can subscribe via twitter, RSS, facebook, email or print.

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